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I’m proud to announce that my first book has now been published an is available from Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback formats. Getting to this point has been beyond challenging, but worth it.

The title of my book is Overcoming Task Inertia. Task inertia is a theory that I came up with to explain the mental resistance that we feel when trying to get work done. It is that little voice in our head that tells us this task could be done later, or is too boring, or that perhaps we should check social media instead. In this book, I refer to having high task inertia as having high mental resistance, making it difficult to get work done.

Inside the book

The book documents how the struggle to cope during the first lockdown imposed in London in 2020 led to my productivity and sanity declining, and forced me to find a solution. That solution was Task Inertia Theory.

The book describes Task Inertia Theory in detail, including how it applies to different people, and then provides a treatment program that, if followed, can lead to a major reduction in task inertia and an increase in productivity.

This is not to say that those who are already productive will become even more productive, but perhaps, if you were struggling like me, this book might just help you cope a little better with the madness of long periods of isolation. In my case, the difference has been outstanding — I went from not being productive at all, to writing and publishing my first ever book in 6 months.

Silver lining?

Like most of us, last year was incredibly difficult for me, for multiple reasons. But, it did lead to me discovering Task Inertia Theory, and then writing and publishing a book on it.

Were it not for the lockdown, terrible though it was, I’m not sure that I ever would have published a book. Now that I understand why I struggled to be productive, I can take steps to remedy and improve that. I don’t always get it right, and some days are better than others, but there is still a marked difference.

I hope that my readers have found a silver lining from all of the misery caused by the pandemic.

Get the book

You can get it on Amazon.com here or on Amazon.co.uk here. It should also be available on other regional Amazon marketplaces.

Jonathan Locke

Jonathan is a software engineer by day and a student of philosophy whenever he has time. He lives in London, UK but hails from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Originally published at https://philosophyandprogramming.com on January 13, 2021.



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Jonathan Locke

Jonathan Locke is a writer and software engineer from Johannesburg, South Africa. He currently lives in London, UK.